The advent of technology these days has made it quite easy for anybody to download or upload a wide assortment of books, movies, TV shows, and music from the Internet. However, if you carry on with this modus operandi, you will realize that you have ultimately accumulated so much to an extent that there are possibilities that your computer might suffer, specifically, if all the files are stored there. This is where online cloud-based storage provisions and data drives come in.

In context of storage, the cloud-based data drives can be considered as a mega version of a virtual USB flash drive. It is reckoned as a gargantuan version because it offers storage space far much more than in terms of capacity what you get from an ordinary flash drive. It empowers the end-users to access it through client-side software application through the Internet, thereby enabling them to store or sync their mission-critical documents and other sensitive information without the use of hard drives.

There are most common cloud-based data drives in the niche market. All you need to do is choose the best among all of them; download and start using them.

Here are some of the key things that you can do with free cloud storage space, which can undeniably prove to be something more than just backup:

-Share your Photo albums- Your memories -Anytime and Anywhere These days, it is quite simple to click and share pictures using your smartphone or digital camera. Just within a few clicks you can share your vacation photographs on Facebook, Instagram or other social networking sites with your family members, friends and office colleagues in a flash. However, if you want to share these exalted and beautiful memories not with everyone but just selected few, then you can use online cloud data storage provision to orchestrate your files across multiple devices either your personal computer or mobile phones and create folder for photo albums that you can share with anybody

-Collaborate and manage your to-dos list Many end-users find it quite easy to carry on their day-to-day mundane tasks when they have a handy to do list for that. The to-do list can help them in smart organization and prioritization of their work day wise or hour wise, provided the list is not chaotic with too many to-dos. Fortunately, there are certainly certain tools through which you can easily create a list of to-dos that you can orchestrate with your preferred cloud-based storage application, and in turn, this application inevitably synchronizes your list across your multiple gadgets

-Share your favorite Music files Through it not only photographs, you can even store, access, and share your favorite music files with your friends simply by creating your own music library

-Secure your data with strong passwords Individuals who have to use the Internet day in and day out exactly know how important the data security criteria is. But, sadly we would say that there some individuals who oftentimes overlook this utmost important aspect, and usually end up using just one password for all their accounts because they find it a bit arduous to mug up a series of different password combinations. However, hackers are very smart these days, and they can decode the password combination within fractions of seconds. To avert this from happening, we would recommend you to create a strong password, so as to keep your data out of harm's reach

-Access, Edit, Add, Delete and manage your documents Do you deal with numerous spreadsheets and documents for work and personal purposes (which are saved in your desktops or personal computer)? Well, no need to get worked up by thinking how you will be able to manage your files systematically without eating up your computer storage space. You can organize and manage your documents now in different folders and even share them either with your teammates or business associates simply with the usage of cloud-based storage platform. Storing of these documents in a cloud storage space will enable your teammates to do the required edition or modification in the document, simply by getting an easy access to these files. Moreover, the changes done to the file can be seen by you, as well as by each and every person authorized by you in real-time