As enterprises are embracing the new trends in information technology, the importance of safeguarding and encrypting sensitive business data is mounting. Storing personal data and information is becoming inherently more risky.

A study conducted by Ponemon illustrates that companies face 122 cyberattacks each week on an average due to which they need to spend approximately $1 million capital to resolve this issue. Owing to this continuous threat of cyber attacks, security measures are no longer driven by breaches but by leaving the important information exposed.

Let's take a quick glance at how Encrypted Cloud Storage can help organizations to proactively protect their sensitive information

In order to keep important files and applications safe, firms across the globe are experimenting with the new encryption capabilities and controlling solutions throughout their life cycle.

The significance of encryption to ensure data security is of paramount importance. It reduces the risk of inapt disclosure by effectively protecting files in the advent of data theft or disasters. Cloud encryption converts data into ciphertexts, which are difficult to access by unauthorized users.

A research conducted by Gartner on Cloud Security Hype Cycle suggests that cloud encryption is forecasted to deliver enormous benefits to businesses and government organizations. The study further exemplifies that firms can remove their concerns over the multi tenant cloud computing environment by capitalizing on the benefits of Cloud Encryption Gateways.

In a virtualized cloud ecosystem, multi-tenancy trims down the overhead costs down while increasing flexibility. By having VMs as well as applications operating on the same physical server, businesses can face security concerns. In this light, encrypted cloud storage can help businesses to retain control over the encryption keys, thereby ensuring that all your sensitive data/information is safe, irrespective of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, as the companies across the globe are connected and are operated via remote offices, the probability of physical theft on computers is amplifying. Encrypting data on cloud facilitates remote management or critical business information while protecting against theft and accidental loss.

While encrypted cloud technology sounds like a complex way of safeguarding critical personal files, the essential aspect for making this structure work is identifying the most appropriate form of encryption, while following a common approach to keep the key and hence secure the important business data.