It wouldn't be wrong to say that companies of diverse industry verticals are planning to minimize costs and fulfill increasing demands in tandem. Explosive data growth and rapidly changing regulations have increased manifold demands. To overcome these shortcomings, storage industry professionals are migrating to cloud computing and cloud storage solutions.

Cloud computing is not an avant garde technological solution, but rather, a new business model that contains a herd of technologies, for instance, server virtualization that slash the price of using resources related to IT. Cloud computing carries the benefit of web-based mechanisms that enable scalable, virtualized IT resources to be offered as a service over a network. Service providers providing cloud storage solutions benefit you from "pay as you go", scalability and resiliency and streamlined IT infrastructure.

It is interesting to note that virtualized storage on cloud technology is available on demand, thereby preventing companies not to buy or provision storage capacity prior to storing data. This clearly reflects that companies can save substantial amount of money on data storage as they are reported to be paid for the storage space that they really use.

In a research study, Forrester defines cloud computing is a genre of abstracted, highly scalable, and managed compute infrastructure purpose-built to house end-customer applications and billed by consumption. This research firms conjectures this computing model is ready for the enterprise to adopt.

From a viewpoint of computing, cloud computing facilitates businesses with scalable and resilience IT infrastructure that can help them reduce capital costs by providing a "pay-as-you-go" service. Pay-as-you-go refers to making payment only on the storage space you use on your server instead of paying the cost of overall server space.

From a storage perspective, cloud storage fulfills numerous demands as it is reported to be considered as an efficient and scalable alternative for a gamut of storage use cases ranging from digital media, such as video, audio and other media files to archiving.

So, secure your business-critical data with cloud storage and access it whenever you need it.