The transmuting age of cloud computing, wherein existing business applications that are moved to the cloud, has been around the corner for quite some time now. What has been catching investor’s attention at present is the way it has re-conceptualized businesses. 

As new technologies are rapidly becoming obsolete, IT companies are losing control and are no longer considered as the purveyor of all applications and systems used within an organization. Companies are turning elsewhere for meeting their technological needs. Hence, they are increasingly turning to the cloud.

Let’s take a quick glance at how enterprises are leveraging the cloud technology to improve their productivity and efficiency

Basic trends in the cloud computing is generating momentum for new analytics. With expanding big data, companies need to increase the memory and processing power of their computer systems. This is significantly increasing the cost of storing and maintaining data. 

In this light, cloud backup and data recovery service can help businesses in automatically restoring their critical information. According to a research conducted by the Gartner, use of web devices connected to the cloud is forecasted to witness an upsurge by the year 2015. The research further anticipated that the cloud architecture is expected to exponentially expand, due to which a user can easily access information from any device.

Clearly, the future outlook of a service provider is completely dependent on their technological know-how as well as on the services provided by them. Today, enterprises want everything as a service for which cloud is the most efficient way. By exploiting the trends in online data sharing, companies can not only access their vital information anytime and from anywhere, but also securely store, back-up and share files online.

By leveraging cloud back-up software, organizations can keep their website availability round-the-clock. This further allows enterprises to easily deploy as well as manage multi-user arrangements, which are controlled by a web-based administrative cPanel. This is the primary reason that facilitates large-to-small businesses to remotely control and protect their critical informant on and applications in the cloud.

Moreover, cloud is a consumer friendly technology that harnesses the power of encrypting sensitive business data while releasing a company’s valuable resources that can be easily redirected to various useful projects.