Fortunately, the evolution of cloud computing comes to rescue those companies that can’t afford to lose the grip of market sustainability. There is a revelation that cloud storage providers across the globe aim at increasing bandwidth and data protection space of their servers when delivering cloud-based services to businesses and individuals at relatively lower prices. While traditional mediums of data backup are about to obsolete, the surge in the usage of cloud-based backup is expected to achieve double digitals in almost all parts of the globe.
In this scenario, reputable cloud storage providers are ensured to be equipped with a powerful disaster recovery solution safeguarding their in-house infrastructure to a considerable extent. If reports are to be believed, providers are aimed at cutting down storage costs, which will eventually lead to reduction in licensing costs. This is because cloud storage providers often use the software’s high-end data reduction and data replication techniques, which are instrumental in bringing down the costs of cloud services.
To cater the needs of end customers by offering comprehensive data protection and recovery infrastructure to them, cloud storage providers usually deploy virtual data centers into cloud. The purpose is to offer customers with safe, cost effective, offsite data backup that is flexible and constant with streamlined retrieval capabilities and a pay-per-use pricing structure. In simple words, cloud storage providers represent as the primary armor of the data protection services and they virtually remain the unsung heroes of cloud computing services.

There is no denying the fact that virtualization comes with manifold benefits to help companies of all sizes to sustain in the marketplace, such as integrated service management, automation, rapid provisioning, infrastructure scalability and high availability of computing resources. In fact, cloud storage providers offer these benefits to enterprise clients in order for helping them resource utilization, greater visibility and control across the cloud infrastructure.

What is more a company can expect when it comes to data protection. The initiatives taken by cloud storage providers help organizations to dramatically alleviate backup failure rates, reduce the risk associated with new data and decrease retrieval failure rates along with improving their performance.