The internet is flooded these days with all sorts of video, from the genuinely funny to the pedantically boring. While it has become commonplace to upload your videos, no matter which category they fall into, there is still a lot left to be desired in the current offerings of online video sharing portals.

Part of the challenge is the extremely wide variety of videos. On general principle, considering a single person’s output of video content, the videos may be personal, professional, comic, educative, natural, sports related, or even a commentary about other videos or content. To add to the categorical confusion, some videos might fall into more than one type, thus increasing the necessity of a smart online video sharing cloud storage plan.

Apart from the type of video, the technological component also has to be taken into account. The various formats that have arisen from constantly evolving media hardware play a crucial factor in how the video gets dealt with when it is uploaded to the world wide web. While usual formats such as MP4 and AVI form the bulk of video content, new formats like 4K, Full HD (1080i) and 360 degree videos are becoming prevalent quite quickly. Handheld devices have incorporated many features into their cameras that allow users to make detailed videos through editing and special effects, right in their palms! These newly fangled formats can throw off even Youtube, which is widely considered the most popular online video sharing site.

DataBagg To The Rescue!

This is where DataBagg comes in handy. The cloud storage service can handle old and new formats with ease, as well as letting users upload their videos on the go from their devices. The videos uploaded to DataBagg cloud servers are always password protected, and only you can grant access to anyone with whom you wish to share the videos. It is not just online video sharing; it is also equipped to handle audio files across a wide range of formats. For professional videos, DataBagg provides a review feature as well, so that you can ask for real-time opinions from colleagues and as soon as you are happy with the end result, you can share it with your client to get their feedback via the same review page.

Since DataBagg stores your videos as per your preferences, you can easily search for and locate any video you saved on the cloud. The customized management of your multimedia allows quicker retrieval of videos, and as the old saying goes, time saved is money earned!

With DataBagg online video sharing, you can wave goodbye to pesky ads that can’t be skipped or embedded links that infringe on the message of the video. When you share these videos with friends, family or business associates, they will not have to feel frustrated by distracting pop-ups or impulsive ads. It is a rarity to get uninterrupted, distraction-free viewing for your videos, and DataBagg provides exactly that.

From the beginners who want to learn the ropes of top quality video creation through our tutorials and intrinsic community of video creators, to established professionals who just need a wider audience to showcase their skills, DataBagg provides solutions to every need. When it comes to monetizing your creative skills by using DataBagg’s plans, we offer targeted placement as well as surrogate hosting for your website through our cloud so that your business site performs quick as lightning!