Adopting cloud storage solutions or readily agree to outsource IT infrastructure in order for reducing operational costs raises new security threats. Not only is IT infrastructure susceptible to cyber threats, mission critical business applications are also at the helm of getting exposed. This is because attacks from cybercriminals are intensely horrendous and more relentless, making it more and more difficult for companies to deal with such problems.

However, there is a solution to this problem as renowned service providers offer a gamut of consultancy based services intended to support cloud computing and to aid in backing the secure operation of these services. For ensuring security of the data stored in cloud, cryptographic encryption mechanisms are proved to be the best solutions. It is interesting to note that today's data centers have next-generation security platforms that help in blending security services around cloud, data and applications. In simple words, the data center is featured with advanced filtering option that develops to bring agility around the data it stored.

There is a revelation that the association of data center with cloud computing helps to make create virtualized security platforms in order for providing new levels of protection. In fact, virtualized security platforms prevent virus intrusion, malware infestation, and unauthorized access to data without making compromises on the performance of mission-critical applications. All of this results in improving the security of cloud and enables organizations to benefits from cost reduction, resource utilization and improved customer service delivery capability.