Cloud storage services empower internet enabled devices to access files from anywhere at any given time. Such professional storage solutions allow users to work fast and in a hassle-free manner. The biggest advantage is that unlimited storage is made available that ensures a continuous ebb and flow of information. Besides, automatic data backups further brace your business's presence on the cloud.

Besides unlimited storage, some other interesting features offered by cloud service providers are:

  -  You can make use of free mobile applications

  -  These services are fully automated with technical support services

  -  Syncing multiple computers is possible

  -  Files can be accessed from any part of the globe

  -  Enables seamless file sharing with friends

A strongpoint of cloud storage is that, it treats information privacy as a priority. Respectively, all business critical data stays secured in a standard encryption format. In order to ensure that the chosen provider meets all the above expectations, go by the following feature-checklist.

  - The cloud storage provider should safeguard a 'Value for Money' feature: You need to look for value and charge related details and also check the provider's ranks. This particular firm must be acclaimed for delivering superior features, storage space and reliability.

  - 'Uptime Guarantee' is a must: Carry out some background research on the statistical data connected with uptime of the service. Most cloud storage companies offer a 3/4/ 5 '9' guarantee (e.g. 99.9% uptime). In case the service falls short due to unforeseen circumstances, clauses supporting the same must be present in the SLA.

  - '24x7 Customer Service': The customer service department must be tested via live phone or chat requests. Examine the response time and offered solution and rate them for speed, relevance and efficiency. Also check the technical proficiency of the support staff.

  - Keep a tab on the number of features offered and their usefulness to the consumer.

  - Storage Space should be checked by the company.

  - Give due importance to the 'Overall Rating' by adding up the rankings assigned to the aforesaid classifications.

Thus, being a business owner, you have to advocate your cloud storage service provider's offerings and access the same. If possible, go through customer reviews and only then hire the provider.