Online data storage or cloud storage is becoming the most preferred method for storing huge volumes of data for smaller businesses. Cloud storage is cheaper compared to maintaining in-house data storage hardware. Earlier, smaller businesses would have to depend on their on-site servers to store online files. Now, these businesses are finding it much easier and cost-effective to shift this data to online data storage. Popular online data storage services like Databagg, Dropbox and JustCloud are becoming very popular among SMBs.

What are the key benefits which online data storage services offer businesses?

Accessibility: When you choose to keep your data in online storage your employees are able to work from anywhere in the world. So, workers distributed in different geographical locations have no problems in collaborating on projects and getting these done faster as long as there is Internet connectivity. Employees do not have to be chained to their office computers; they can work even when they are on the go.

No Maintenance Costs: When you choose online data storage, you do not have to hire IT staff to monitor and maintain the remote servers. You are not only relieved of the costs of buying hardware for storage; you are also spared of operational costs.

Data Mobility: With online storage of data, it is possible to shift it easily when you change your office. You do not have to be worried about losing precious data. The new office becomes active soon after installation.

Remote Workforce: Because data is stored in virtual servers, files can be shared amongst employees efficiently. This helps to improve work productivity. Cloud storage is inexpensive and every employee gets access to the latest documents. Employees can always get updated client proposals and training files. It streamlines the workflow and makes the team compact even when it is spread over a large area.

Cost Savings: Managing servers in-house is a costly proposition. When data storage gets outsourced, you can save both on your hardware and maintenance expenses.

No Data Loss: Data gets stored in secure servers online and there are no chances of it getting damaged or lost even if there are accidents and natural calamities. Snowstorms or tornadoes are common in many places and these are strong enough to make servers crash. But, when you have online data storage, you need not worry about such accidents.

Increased Security: Online data storage can offer you a high degree of protection against cyber attacks than what you can ensure for in-house servers. While data breaches are still common, companies such as Dropbox have dedicated teams of engineers working only on data security.

Feedbacks from Clients: There are some people who prefer to use online file storage solutions because they let them share files with interested clients. This way other clients can view their work and offer valuable feedback. In this way, even the clients feel that they are very much a part of the project planning process.

These are some key benefits of using online data storage services. These services also allow syncing which ensures that your files get updated automatically across all devices. So, an updated version of a file on your office computer can be accessed from your mobile phone too. Finally, whether you wish to share an entire gallery of images or a single photo, you can do so comfortably with a few clicks through online data storage.