Online cloud storage apps have become a raging buzz across the internet, owing to a host of advantages they offer. I completely go gaga over any free cloud storage app I come across. And why not! It gives me an ample scope to enjoy my life, do my work and get social with my friends at my convenience.

And what a great a variety these apps offer to store. My data usually comprises of movies, music collection and some work files which me and my colleagues need to edit together. What satisfies me the most is the fact that I'm being able to access all these files from anywhere, anytime.

How did I get to know about online cloud storage apps?

Okay, I don't feel shy to mention that I did not know about this 'file sharing for free' concept since its origin. Once I was scouting for some good agencies for shooting a video for my company. And I had a word with one of the vendors who I asked for the sample. Within 2 mins (literally! 2 minutes), his deliverable of 18.67 MB was in my inbox. All I was required to click a link to download that file. And that's how my fondness for these apps developed. But now I'm all over them.

For people like me who have recently got to know about online cloud storage apps, I've got 5 things you can do to make the most of such apps.

1) Share Music, Movies: It happens all the time. You are curious to share an interesting music file or a movie with your friends, specially the one you have watched recently. They are on your system but how to email such large files? Simple, logon to your cloud storage app, attach the file and send it your friends.

2) Share Business Documents: Alright, I'm serious about my business too. So let's talk work now. Again cloud storage apps come to my rescue. It allows me to share large size documents and files with dozen of people in one go, while sharing the same files via email is certainly a nightmare. You will be exasperated to see the kind of error messages coming every now and then. Glad we have cloud storage in place.

3) Save web content: At times, we all come across several things on the Internet that we find too exciting to read but didn't get enough time for them. Why not save them to read later? Cloud storage apps let you save them then and there.

4) Make your Google Docs Available Offline: Google docs let you collaborate, create, edit and share your work among your friends. Now you can make them available offline with cloud storage apps.

5) Send and receive faxes: Cloud storage apps give you a scope to fax your critical business faxes for easy viewing and archiving.

So, if you haven't subscribed for any app yet to store and sync your data on the cloud, you need one.