Cloud hosting or computing gained popularity within no time. Using cloud computing, small as well as medium-size businesses are able to scale and work at fast rates than before, while having capability of lowering the costs and enhance process productivity.

Whenever 'cloud computing' word is thrown, most of the people understand it; however, a few don't. In order to help them, we will explain what is cloud hosting or computing and also dive in a few fascinating facts, which makes it a preferable solution in offline and online businesses across the world currently.   

Cloud Computing and Its Importance -

To start with cloud computing, we could refer to famous cloud storage providers such as Amazon, a biggest hosting company across the world nowadays. Amazon's cloud hosting resource page describes it cloud computing as "it is the on-request delivery of database storage, compute power, applications and IT resources via cloud platform through internet with pay-per-use pricing option".

Though, it is fun to read text as complex as the cloud computer. Comparatively, visuals are better. You can see different videos to know what is cloud hosting and the way it works. With dedicated, virtual and shared hosting being a norm for making a blog or new website, cloud computing is a latest trend. In addition, often, it is powerful and cost-effective as well. A company that is focusing specifically on the cloud hosting services for a while is DataBaGG.

Here are five interesting facts about cloud hosting that you must know.

1. Actually, it is not a 'Cloud'

The most interesting fact about cloud hosting is data storage do not take place actually in nebulous ether similarly most of the people think. Simply, cloud hosting means that data is safely secured on the web utilizing remote servers, instead of being locally stored on the company network or hard drive. It is just that your data is stored at other location. The remote storage is similar to cloud, though, the data basically follows you at all places and enables you to use as well as retrieve the information all across the world.

2. Various Cloud Access Formats

As per the IT support requirements of your business, you can easily get different kinds of cloud hosting applications. For instance, you may select private solution in which the data is hosted externally on servers, dedicated completely to the company. Also, it could be cost-effective in order to share the space with other people too; however, in this case you may wish to go along with the community hosting. In case, you wish to provide public space on the serves, select different types' hybrid or public solution. If you are not prepared to switch the processes and storage to cloud, then you can utilize cloud apps in order to gain a few advantages, such as Office 365.

3. It is Safe

Over USD 1 trillion in the IT spending would be indirectly or directly affected by cloud shift during the coming five years. Today, the credit to big numbers goes to the large applications, such as Office 365 that have surpassed the earlier expectations. It became possible owing to the cloud as it enables simple data transfer, redundancy and data backups, therefore you will never lose your important information. There are plenty of cloud storage providers from which you can choose as they provide 24/7/365 up-to-date support via security experts from recent threats.

4. Do not Upgrade Again

It does not matter what device you utilize for play or work, but when you make use of cloud solutions, then you do not need to upgrade the outdated hardware and IT infrastructure to account for software upgrades or storage space. Cloud hosting businesses take care of everything so that you could concentrate on what actually matters and get your work done. This happens in real-time automatically so that you always remain up-to-date.

5. It is Future

Apart from cloud storage, you can do a lot of things with cloud solutions. Currently, the power of technology is fueling all researches. For example, Intel is searching in ability of the cloud technology in order to decode the brainwaves for software interaction to treat cancer as well as to model the water resource management. When you choose from cloud storage providers for your business, you makes your business as well as data safe, easy-to-use and more accessible. You make way for technological developments in future that could help mankind. In case, you are looking for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) or Unified Communications strategy work environment, then cloud is the primary step. It enables mobile workforce that could attract new talent.

Additionally, cloud hosting minimizes the server downtime, helps in the disaster recovery and optimizes the capital. You should not miss the ticket to cost-effective and better IT solutions. DataBaGG could help you in implementing various cloud computing levels as per your business needs.