5 Things to Do With Your Online Cloud Storage

Posted by Saumya Aggarwal on Jun 26, 2014 01:58:33 pm

Online cloud storage apps have become a raging buzz across the internet, owing to a host of advantages they offer. I completely go gaga over any free cloud storage app I come across. And why not! It gives me an ample scope to enjoy my life, do my wo... Read more>>

How Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Hosting

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Jun 24, 2014 05:58:06 pm

Cloud computing is all around and apparently for good reasons. High scalability that it provides to its users can't be matched with traditional web hosting options. With its diverse cloud deployment models, that are Platform as a Service, Infra... Read more>>

Drive Faster Collaboration And Business ROI With Cloud

Posted by Neeti Patial on Jun 23, 2014 06:41:48 pm

The advent of cloud technology has holistically rejigged the way both individuals and businesses used to manage and store their mission critical data. Nowadays, businesses are increasing leveraging various attributes of online cloud storage solution... Read more>>

Data Backup And Archive- Are Analogous Or Disparate?

Posted by Neeti Patial on Jun 20, 2014 06:15:55 pm

It is very common to come across the terms data backup and archive. These two terminologies are usually mentioned together which is not astounding since both support primary data storage. I often stumble upon users who are of the opinion that data a... Read more>>

Cyber Security -A Challenge For Organizations

Posted by Rohit Paul on Jun 17, 2014 03:15:55 pm

There has been a tremendous growth in the number of webpages, stretching to roughly around 30 trillion pages currently. Almost every military communication takes place over internet these days bringing a lot of convenience and speed in work. However, along with various benefits web has offered to society, it has also brought several risks that need to be mitigated. Every second, new pieces of malware are found. Companies often compla... Read more>>

Different Data Synchronization Techniques

Posted by Rohit Paul on Jun 16, 2014 05:37:10 pm

It is a process to develop consistency in data from a source to target data storage. A major issue in transmission of data is data synchronization between the demultiplexer and the multiplexer. Due to this, a bit that belongs to one channel can be wrongly received by another channel. Hence, one or more synchronization bits are generally added to each frame's beginning. These bits follow a pattern, frame by frame, which allows de... Read more>>

Significance Of Comprehensive Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted by Neeti Patial on Jun 12, 2014 05:32:42 pm

With ever increasing dependency on IT facilities and computing resources in mundane business operations, it has become utmost imperative for businesses to strategize a concrete disaster recovery plan.

Read more>>

Seamlessly Share Your Business Documents Through Cloud

Posted by Neeti Patial on Jun 11, 2014 06:04:01 pm

It is irrefutably indispensable for every business to keep everyone in loop while sharing any important business documents. At times you may even have to make a replica these documents for consumers as well. And, sharing large volume of files isn�... Read more>>

How Businesses Can Fend Off Loss Of Mission Critical Data

Posted by Neeti Patial on Jun 10, 2014 04:43:08 pm

Unexpected loss of mission critical data loss has long been a sensitive subject of debate among the general computer users and businesses. They alleged to have been wedged in comparable situations recurrently.

Read more>>

Cloud Revolution Is Gaining Better Grip On Indian Government Sector

Posted by Neeti Patial on Jun 09, 2014 06:25:44 pm

Government IT in India is undergoing a major shift with growing advancement in technology. Many government agencies are drawn towards cloud-based solutions owning to the delivery of highly compelling computing services, such as email and online data... Read more>>

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